New Online Progressive Jackpots that Drop Every Day

  • May 18, 2020

Brand-New Jackpot Gameplay – There Has to Be a Winner!

If you didn’t know about it, you are now not going to forget. Online casinos have gone one step further in bringing players within touching distance of millions of dollars that can be won from the biggest online jackpot casino games.

Now, you may have heard of progressive jackpot games, but did you know about the Daily Jackpots and the Must Drop Jackpots? Well, soon you will, because these new online slot machines are changing the way players like you not only play but also win!

In this week’s news, we look at the new resurgence of online video slots that payout jackpots every single day!

Win A NEW Fortune

The progressive jackpot game has been around since the invention of online casinos. The progressive jackpot machine would be found across all networks, one game, used by many different online casinos. What a player in Europe would be hoping to win, would be the same as a player in New Zealand. Because of the scale of these games, prizes would reach into the multi-millions. The largest progressive jackpot payout came in 2017 when one spin brought home a win of $18million from the Microgaming machine called Mega Moolah™

The progressive jackpot machines took slot gaming into a whole new dimension and attracted many more players to the idea of gambling online. No standard slot machine cabinet could provide such high jackpots and, thusly, can the main appeal of online gambling.

Now, the evolution of the gaming format takes a new daring twist that is now vastly more appealing to slot machine fans.

The new jackpot games often labelled as Must Drops or Daily Jackpots. These are run by different software companies to those which started off the first chain of progressive slots. The biggest developer right now is Red Tiger Gaming.

A New Game Changer is on the Prowl

Red Tiger Gaming hit the online scene in 2010 and since slowly built a reputation in gameplay that has demanded the attention of many online casinos.

Reg Tiger Gaming began by building a portfolio of games, dynamic in graphics and focused on bonus round entertainment. In the past year, these games merged with singular jackpot prizes. Three key jackpots could be won from all the games.

**Players now face a main jackpot that could trigger at any point in time. The second jackpot prize would have to drop and be won before a certain amount. The third and final jackpot having to drop and be won before a specific time of the day. **

This stoke of genius changes everything. Players can now play to win three jackpots from a selection of games, giving better odds of winning than what the one singular progressive jackpot game does.

These Daily Jackpot games are available throughout the best online casinos in the New Zealand market. You only need to look out for the gaming developer Red Tiger Gaming to be part of the action and opportunity to win millions from just a single spin.

The gaming titles in this jackpot series include _The Wild Hatter™ Rainbow Jackpots™, Dynamite Riches™, Mystery Reels™, Pirates’ Plenty™ _and Rocket Men™ to name a few of the many that exist.

Another jackpot series to look out for is the Blueprint Gaming and their King Jackpot Series. With their three must drop jackpots, you can play games like The Goonies™, Cop the Lot™, Deal or No Deal™, Mars Attacks™, TED™ and The Naked Gun™ to name a few.