Web Based Time Clock - The Evolution of Time Tracking

The web-based time clock was met with an overwhelming response when it first arrived on the scene due to its effectiveness and user-friendly features. However, today's time and attendance tracking devices have evolved with even more sophisticated solutions offering newer ways to enable businesses to handle employee time tracking. Now employees can punch in from multiple locations and even from their smartphones. It is little wonder that these time clocks are continuing to grow in popularity. Following are some of the most useful aspects of the time clock.

What they offer to employers

Time and attendance software has evolved beyond simple time tracking to offer so much more. It can be customized in ways that highlight attendance behaviours and patterns. Managers do not have to physically check attendance because they get an email notification if and when an employee is absent or late.

With web-based clocks, HR and payroll managers are able to approve sheets in minutes, and the accuracy of the time tracked is guaranteed. The attendance software creates instant back up of recorded data making it impossible to manipulate the data. Only managers with the highest level of access are authorized to make any changes to this data.

Businesses are able to save a great amount of revenue with the help of employee time clocks. With the increased accuracy that these devices offer, organizations have been able to streamline their payroll operations as well. No company has ever gone back to manual tracking and payroll because the benefits of automated clocks are so huge.

What they offer to the employees

Time and attendance software offers the ease of punching in and out effortlessly. With old, mechanical clocks, employees often had to wait on the clock to punch in even when they arrived on time. The feature of punching in and out of smartphones is also very convenient for employees who operate in the field or perform repair and maintenance at multiple locations.


The web-based time clock is able to offer time and attendance solutions to organizations in an ever-changing business environment. Not only that, with its continuous evolution, it has become the go-to method for time and attendance tracking.