A special event everyone is excited about.


Make your day memorable with a good shots of memories from Auckland wedding photographers. It is an important day for you. well, everybody consider this kind of even as once in a life time event so they treasured it so much and give all their best to make these day extra vegan and special. Others put a lot of efforts by thinking of a unique theme, or even planning a good spot to where they will held this occurrence. So what is this called? This is the famous “wedding event”. It is the kind of happening where both sides need to have a cooperative decisions and mind sets. It is the day where two become one and an individual becomes a team.

Wedding is not just an ordinary event. This is the day where all of the years you are with your partner will be worth it. This is the day where you will start facing struggles but you are not alone this time. and most of all, this is the day where will you promise not to let go in each other’s arms no matter what circumstances may happen. In richer or poorer, you will hold each other’s arms and love each other endlessly.