Breaking News from Around New Zealand – Guerilla Media 2020

  • Apr 27, 2020

Breaking News from Around New Zealand – Guerilla Media 2020


_Get the latest live breaking news from all over New Zealand with the latest mobile footage sent in by you the public. We are a team here at Guerilla Media that promotes and presents footage taken by our readers to help get a clearer picture on the events that take place throughout New Zealand. _

  • Live Footage
  • Sports Footage - including cricket
  • Breaking News - including lotto results
  • Social Events
  • Exclusive Stories

Guerilla Media Presentation

At Guerilla Media, your stories come first, you are the camera person, the broadcaster spokesperson and person with their finger on the pulse.

Guerilla Media plans to become the largest New Zealand news output when it comes for mobile broadcasted and recorded news. This is the first social media channel of its kind that puts together unfiltered news stories that is backed by your footage and stories.

You will be fully accredited with the footage used and what is broadcasted on our blogging channel.

How Our Platform Works

We are an independent organisation that wants to relay the stories people have about their communities and interests. All media is unfiltered and unedited. If you capture an event, we want you to send us the footage you have and share with us your thoughts.

There are no limits to where this could take us all and we want the entirety of New Zealand covered, so you know what is really happening in the news that affects you.

No matter what you capture, we want to share it, and it can be under any category of even, even if you want to send to us your funny videos, we will post them out to share with the rest of the country.

Not So Small Print

We are a non-profit organisation and all advertising profits are given to charity. You will still retain full rights over your submission, therefore, should you wish to have your footage removed, you have the final say.

We do not pay and fees for use of footage submitted to us. All media rights are credited, and you will be named. If you wish to have anonymity over used footage, then documentation will need to be signed that will be kept private that confirms your identity so you can claim rights to the footage through ourselves.

The Making of Guerilla Media

This is just the first step in Guerilla Media, this is therefore a calling to all the people out there wanting to be part of news history. A chance to get your footage shown with full credit. We want to amass an army of video journalists on the streets ready to capture anything and everything!

As time progresses, we will turn Guerilla Media into a fully operational news site that will stream from YouTube. We first need you to build the number, build the stories and build the interest around what you see and what you have managed to capture through your mobile smartphones.